Thursday, June 25, 2009

The MoMA piece

I think this is what must have happened.

An 18-wheeler was driving along I-90 traveling from New York to Chicago. As it passed just south of us, in the midst of a early summer rainstorm, it slid on the wet road and toppled over.

The rescue crew that arrived found no one seriously injured, but the truck's frame was heavily damaged and they decided to unload its contents for safekeeping. It seems that it was transporting art objects from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York to Chicago for a temporary exhibit.

The Erie Art Museum offered to take much of it, but a couple pieces were so large that they had to look around for some other place to house them. Since one of the rescuers was from our local Fairfield Fire Dept. and knew that we are just 4 miles from the I-90 exit, he thought of us and our large facility.

They soon arrived at our front door with this piece. The sister on the front desk, who is used to a variety of UPS deliveries, welcomed them but concluded that they absolutely could not put such a thing in our front entrance way.

After a little conversation, our large back patio was chosen as a convenient and appropriate site for the MoMA sculpture.

And here it is!

Visitors and sisters alike have been fascinated with it. Some think it's an angel, with wings folded up tightly. Others mentioned the chrysalis of a butterfly or a hooded and robed monk bent over slightly in quiet prayer.

The SBA alum association held their summer picnic at the Mount this week and this comment was overheard during the set up: "And then all the gals can go outside with their picnic supper, including hot dogs and hamburgers on the new grill. That will be a great treat. And they can observe the modern art while they're out there, too!"

And then, very quietly, barely audible, and certainly not heard by the group in general, from the side of the crowd our physical resource director muttered, "Sure, and if it rains the new grill's tent-like umbrella will shield the grillers just fine."