Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Daughterhouse Celebrates

In 1859, three sisters from the small fifteen member community of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie left Erie to start a community in Covington, Kentucky, across the Ohio river from Cincinnati, Ohio.

This weekend St. Walburg Monastery of Covington is celebrating its 150th anniversary as a Benedictine community. Five of our sisters traveled there to represent us. They took with them special gifts for this daughterhouse of ours: a Paschal Candle and a Processional Cross both made by our sisters.

Many Benedictine communities are beginning to celebrate their 150th anniversary as the first Benedictine women came to the US over a century and a half ago, in 1852.

I believe these are wisteria. They hang down from the roof of an arbor-like structure in our Memory Garden. It includes two swings, a bench, a small fountain, four corner posts and a latticed roof that hold some beautiful growth.

A sunset last Friday night seen right from our beach.