Thursday, July 2, 2009

Corporate Commitment in Action

The Corporate Commitment of our community reads: As Benedictine Sisters of Erie we commit ourselves to be a healing presence and prophetic witness for peace by working for sustainability and justice, especially for women and children.

This year we have three sub-committees working in the areas of Women and Children, Peace and Justice, and Sustainability. Over 35 sisters are involved on these committees.

Last weekend the Women and Children's committee sponsored a picnic at our peninsula (Presque Isle State Park) for the women and children of House of Healing. House of Healing is an alternative program for women convicted of non-violent crimes, that enables them to live with their children. It is housed in a large former convent. Most residents are serving short sentences and often stay only a few months. The administrator is one of our sisters and many others volunteer in their ongoing projects.

Photos by Laura Beichner, OSB

Morning and Evening Prayer.