Thursday, August 27, 2009


Our city's newspaper, the Erie Daily Times, has a terrific group of photographers: Janet, Jack, Rob, Rich and others. They're so good that every year or so the Times sponsors an exhibition of just their photographs--the best ones they've taken on the job. Many didn't make the paper itself, I'd guess, but they are unique shots of people and events and moments that they've seen through their lenses.

I've run into a number of these photographers in my ministries and I think of them so often when I see something that I wish I could catch on camera. I'll find myself thinking, "If Jack or Janet were here they could get this shot."

That's what went through my mind when I walked out into our library courtyard last week and saw it full and absolutely lush with late August flowers, bushes and foliage galore. I wanted to catch the full range that my eyes were seeing--all at once, in one shot.

Here's what I settled on: the old bell from the original motherhouse in Erie, surrounded by black-eyed Susans---at least as many as I could fit into the photo. There were many, many more all around the courtyard.

This is what also makes, in my opinion, our very popular retreat programs--so popular: the use of our natural surroundings . Whether they are used directly as part of the program or just available to the participants during their own reflection time, the lands, the woods, the walk to Glinodo and the lake itself can't help but bring the spiritual life nearer to all who spend time with them.