Monday, August 10, 2009

Post-LLL Reflections

Richard (Rick) Gaillardetz, PhD, from the University of Toledo was very fine as a speaker for our LLL days last week. He adopted a "behind the scenes" posture for his Vatican II sharing and it was both entertaining and enlightening.

His other presentations on the Church were equally good and, to cut to the chase, beg a number of questions for our own reflection, one of which is surely: How can we as a Benedictine community of women model the church that we wish the Church could be?

As usual, the daily Liturgy of the Hours were marvelously creative, prayerful and moving. We are so blessed and "lucky" to have them. Both of our speakers for LLL mentioned them, as well as our Eucharistic liturgies.

I'm told these are amaryllis. I "discovered" them in our inner courtyard this week. Hardy little things--as they balance on a single stem, survive some fierce summer rainstorms, 80+ degree heat and everything else that comes in the day of a flower.

Anyone have a memory of the musical "The Music Man" and one of the little girls who taunted the little boy with a lisp who couldn't say her name--wasn't her name Amaryllis?

Part of our LLL Sunday environment.