Thursday, September 3, 2009

School Bells

Well, the school bells don't usually literally ring nowadays but many of our community programs that service children are starting up or, more accurately, reving up these days now that the official school year has begun.

The Neighborhood Art House begins its 15th full year, as its year-round program began in 1995. Sister Gus's Kids Cafe is finishing its 10th year already; they served their first meal in January 2000.

The programs of St. Benedict Child Development Center began in 1969, forty years ago. Today's Center is a combination of a number of different programs that came and went, morfed in and out of different stages, but all were variations of basic state and federal programs for inner-city children, migrant worker families and young children in need of education, health care and other childcare services. The programs all combined into the present Center in 1992.

I stand in amazement and respect for our sisters who administrate and minister in these places. They are so dedicated to these kids, their families and their futures. What a legacy to continue.

Their latest newsletters can be found here.

Halloween at St. Benedict Child Development Center!

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