Monday, September 7, 2009

September Holiday Weekend

Lots of guests were with us this weekend, some are former Erie residents here for the final summer holiday weekend, some are sisters' family members getting in their last summer get-togethers. All come to join us for Sunday Eucharist whenever they are in town.

They are always so complimentary about our liturgy--the music, creativity in planning, our presider's homily, the whole atmosphere. They are honest and direct when speaking of what they call "the unique liturgies you have here."

One of numerous reasons for that is due to the many talented and artistic sisters we have. One way many of them can share their creativity is in designing the special "environments" we have each weekend. Here is a look at what we had during this Labor Day holiday.

Here is the beginning of the environment--our late summer flowers, in abundance--placed on both sides of the water symbol at the entrance to the chapel space.

The same flowers are used in an arrangement right at the altar.

The environment continues at the far end of chapel--at the podium where the Scripture is placed, the readings read, and the homily given.

Our own sisters are doing a bit of traveling, too. Our prioress is in Croatia right now, attending and helping to coordinate a CIB meeting of Benedictine women in that part of the world.

In a couple weeks two of our sisters will travel to Hekima Place , a boarding school for girls orphaned through HIV/AIDS. Started in 2005 outside of Nairobi, Kenya, Hekima Place now offers housing and schooling for 54 girls. Our sisters will "join the staff" there for four weeks.