Monday, October 5, 2009


Here at the Mount those of us who reside here have a name exchange for birthday celebrations each year. We receive a sister's name, her birth date, and some suggestions for a small ($5) gift. Then, on the birthday, we have a wrapped gift for her and a card on display in the dining room. The celebrant also gets to choose a dessert for dinner!

Most of us make a little display, too--something about a hobby or a known interest of the sister celebrating. ie: a sister who loved to work in the garden had a whole miniature garden arrangement on the sideboard with her gift and card.

Last week's display took the (birthday) cake. It was a matching game in honor of our birthday bird lover. There were pictures of twenty of our local birds with their names on little pushpins. It was great fun to place the name with the correct photo and I think they were all matched by dinner time--though correctly, I'm not sure.

Even in a very large living group (63), each sister is a "Queen for a Day"!