Monday, October 26, 2009

What a Weekend!

One of our busiest and most enjoyable weekends of the year just ended as a large number of our oblates "came home." For some it's the only time of the year they make it to Erie.

Joining our already 200+ oblates were 13 new initiates. They come from five states and these cities: Boynton Beach, FL; Worchester, MA; Frewsburg, NY; Rochester, NY; Lake City, PA; Mechanicsburg, PA; North East, PA; Oil City, PA; Mansfield, OH; Westerville, OH; Willoughby, OH.

Some of our new oblates with the prioress (back left) and oblate director (back right). Our oblate director's web page is here.

This oblate weekend coincided, on purpose, with our fall community weekend. Sr. Kathleen Hughes, one of the country's foremost liturgy scholars was our guest and gave two presentations--Saturday morning and afternoon. She was wonderful--informative, funny, spiritual, and the possessor of that rare commodity: a PhD who you'd still like to take to lunch at the local pub! When she jumped right in and began to help pile up the extra chairs at the end supper I knew she was a keeper.

The Saint John's Bible exhibit also officially opened this Sunday. Look for a virtual tour coming as this Thursday's posting.