Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent Week 3 brings s-n-o-w

Oh, no! After "stealing" 40 days from winter (November 1-December 10) we finally received that storm that had raged through the midwest last week as it made its way to the Great Lakes. On Thursday the 10th and Friday the 11th the "official" snow count was 8" at the airport. The city recorded about 6", and the little town just east of us, 19". It was very windy, so the drifts where huge, but I'd say we got about 10-12" here in Harborcreek.

It was beautiful--especially for these pre-Christmas days--but a shocking awareness of what our winters are really about: slower driving, cold and dry air, and snow and ice to contend with or to enjoy, depending on your frame of mind!

On the other hand, Advent week 3, Gaudete Sunday, brought lovely reflections by one of our sisters on this week's Gospel where the people continually ask John the Baptist, "And what should we do?" She answered that question beautifully.

Also, Evening Prayer on Saturday ended with this blessing, which I pass on for all of you: "This Advent may you seek opportunities to affirm one another, ever mindful that we ourselves have been touched by God's loving mercy; may we take seriously our mission to be precursors of Christ for one another; may we allow God to warm each of us with Christ's presence."

This is just plain wonderful: Advent Conspiracy 2009. Click on the two-minute video in the upper right corner, enjoy and share.

Isn't it nice to know that lots of others share the desire to live more simply, share more generously, and accept one and all?