Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finally, the day is here

Finally, it has happened--all 62 of us who live at the Mount are in our own (renovated or brand new) rooms. The renovation that started 2-3 years ago with the chapel--then moved onto the infirmary and assisted-living hall, then onto north hall and finally, 1st and 2nd south is completed. Well, you know with construction there is always quite an "afterwards" time for the little things--but, yesterday and today the final 12 sisters moved into their rooms on the 1st floor of south hall.

This also means that the 15 rooms of our guest hall are available for guests again. Some of the rooms still need to be set up again, others are scheduled for a little sprucing up, but many have "benefited" from the sisters' long stays there and now have ceiling fans, brighter ceiling lights, more hooks and little niceties in the bathrooms, etc. The TV lounge in the guest hall has also had a comfortable overhaul.

Here's a little look at 1st south: a small common sitting room at the end of the hall, the sink area in the common bathrooms and the individual sink area that is in each room.

"...guests--and monasteries are never without them..." RB 53

Welcome Guests!