Monday, February 1, 2010

February settles in

A week ago our schola sang "Da Pacem" at our Sunday liturgy. Afterwards a couple of our sisters who work in vocation and development ministries asked if they could video the schola singing it and then work at getting it uploaded on YouTube.

Here is the schola singing it again for recording. I'll announce when it gets uploaded onto YouTube. Seems it's time to have an updated group of Benedictine Sisters of Erie shown singing something other than "Kum-ba-ya"! (see Jan. 18 post)

Though you can hear our sisters singing the Benedictus and Magnificat on our prayer page.

A friend sent me dramatic photos of "icebergs" on Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is having one of the coldest winters in recent decades and the water freezes the instant the wave breaks through the ice. The temperature of the water is already some degrees below freezing.

We here on Lake Erie feel much better when we see something like this! Our temp. dipped to 1 or 2 degrees this weekend, and we have ice dunes--but nothing even close to these "bergs"!