Thursday, February 11, 2010

Geographically Challenged

February 10th was one of our favorite feasts, little-known as it is: the feast of St. Scholastica--sister of Benedict, as the tradition claims.

And here is how she looked in our Memory Garden on her feast yesterday. Oh, I'm just kidding! This is her summer look, captured beautifully by our Bernadette Sullivan!

Here, on the other hand, is the look of one of our cars yesterday, with 6-7" of new snow. Looks nice on the evergreens behind it though.

If you are "geographically challenged" or just can't remember all those miscellaneous facts from fourth grade, here's one for today: Pennsylvania is a Mid-Atlantic state--the ones that have been in all the headlines for the last week for their unusual amount of snow. But, here in Erie, particularly, we are smack on Lake Erie and are really in the Great Lakes Plains region and its weather patterns. The conclusion? The 20-30" of snow that blanketed Washington, Baltimore and even Philadelphia and Pittsburgh brought us nothing---until this "little bit" yesterday from our usual west and north winds via Chicago and Canada. No schools closed and most of us made it to work--yes, on time!

And finally, a treat, as promised: here's our schola singing "Da Pacem" via YouTube. Hope you enjoy it.