Monday, February 8, 2010

In Memory

This is our necrology board. Because of our renovations it had to come down from its former location and was just recently put up again.

There are 246 names of our deceased sisters on it. The first name is Sr. Benedicta Riepp, the leader of the first German sisters who came to the US. Although she was one of the first sisters to come to Erie, she didn't stay here but kept on going west and settled in Minnesota founding St. Benedict's Monastery, about 60 miles west of Minneapolis near St. Cloud. She is buried there.

No sisters died during 2006, our 150th jubilee year and the beginning of these renovations. But since then seven have, including five in 2008 alone. Three were in their nineties, three in their eighties and one just 60. It's both comforting and meditative to see all their names, birth and death dates on this board again. Memories come flooding back and that is good. Nora, Mary Philip, Margaret, Corinne, Joanne, Ellen and Mary Ann--we miss you.

For those who know the Mount, you'll find this board right near the north elevator, in the little alcove where you can look out into the large library courtyard gardens.