Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lenten experience

One of our sisters, who is the campus minister at a local Catholic high school, is involved in offering a unique Lenten experience for her students.

She and her campus ministry team have come up with The Poor Person's Fast. Their idea offers a diet that varies dramatically from their norm. Although they know that many poor people most commonly suffer from a diet of poor nutrition, their experience focuses on food's sameness and quantity, a reality for the very poor.

Here's their Lenten plan: They eat eggs every morning. Throughout the day their choices are only fruits and vegetables (whole or as liquids), hearty soups, milk, and plenty of water. No junk food, pop, desserts or fast foods of any kind. Some teachers and kids are doing it Monday through Saturday--others a couple days a week, others as they can.

At their Ash Wednesday liturgy the student body watched the "We Are the World 25" video and used it as their closing song. In solidarity with the people of Haiti, the money that will be saved through this change in food choices (especially from things like morning latte stops!) will be collected and sent to an orphanage there that has been visited by one of the school's teachers.

"Prayer with fasting is good, but better than both is almsgiving..." Tobit 12:8