Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nathan and Thomas

This Lent we, as a community, are reading Nathan Mitchell's little pamphlet, Daybreaks: Daily Reflections for Lent and Easter 2010 from Liguori. He is a former Benedictine and a noted theologian, currently at the University of Notre Dame. Here is an excerpt from his Ash Wednesday reflections: "Paradoxically, then, the ashes that signal our mortality, our world's extinction, and our sore need for repentance also symbolize God's choice to forgive everybody everything. This was the unimaginable secret Abraham learned when bargaining with God. Our destiny isn't destruction but dancing. God seeks not the sinner's death but the heart's return: not ashes to dust but ashes to Easter."

The "other man" in our lives this Lent is our Brother Thomas. We are used to seeing his work around the house and in our display cases, but when they are arranged singularly as these are now in the east hall and community room cases, they remind me of how striking his work is and how perfect they are for our Lenten days.

This is the view as you come out of chapel.

Morning and Evening Prayer for Lent here.