Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy Week

One of our more talented writers was listening to Garrison Keillor last week and heard his rendition of a springtime ABC's. She loved it and was inspired to write her own--a poem in abecedarian style. Since Easter is celebrated in the secular world as a grand welcoming of spring, I thought it would be appropriate for today and it may even encourage some of you to write your own this week--as a Holy Week lectio or as an ode to spring and Easter.

A is for APPLE have you had one today?
Better do so, it's good for you they say.
Christ, more advice from strangers to make my ills go away
Do you think an apple is really the way?

Enough about apples, let's go to the
Fair, the last one of the season--everyone will be there.
Grab some money, a Hat for the
Hot September sun, an umbrella, too.
In case it rains. And don't forget a light
Jacket for the evening cool.

Kick the dust under your feet
Let's go--me and you together--ain't that sweet?
Maybe this is the beginning, I think in my head, of a
New love that will never end.
Oh, speaking of love, have you heard about Tim and Marie
Pity, that torrid affair is dead, but here's a
Question that won't disappear: is the first worth the pain, the ecstasy, the tear?

Right. Enough of Philosophy 1, your hand in mind, the
Scent of summer almost done is
Taste enough of "good" and "now"--nothing more to
Understand--I bow, I bow, I bow.

V is for voice,
Whispering like the breeze, "Please, a candied apple to share."
eXcellent choice. I say,
"You take the first sweet bite"
Z is for my end of the fruit. Mmmm. Delight! Delight!

Mary Lou Kownacki, OSB