Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is (almost) here

In all honesty, there is no way that spring is here or even on the horizon, although we had a terrible teasing of it this week. Sure the temperatures were in the 50s and even low 60s, but our March averages 10" of snow and I can't believe we'll get through the next 15 days without some. Nevertheless, we are all "posturing" for spring, regardless of our unspoken awareness that we're not even close!

However, here are a few spring-like signs:

In town at the site of our first motherhouse, this week found local window restorers removing the three semi-circle stained-glass windows that are over the main door and side windows at the building's entrance. Most of the beautiful original windows that are still in the building are inside, protected from the elements and the "outside world." These three aren't and have developed some fine cracks and even a couple small holes. The restorers are confident that not only can they be restored, but they said that we will be surprised how close they'll be able to get to the original colors of the glass.

And from our March Art Show, Stephanie Schmidt, OSB, found a rain-covered leaf and Bernadette Sullivan, OSB, a morning sunrise.