Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Rituals

Lots of early spring activities going on. I could probably write a paragraph on each sister's comings and goings this week, but here are just a couple. Congratulations to two of our musicians who just finished 6 weeks of training and practice of the 60-member cast for the upcoming production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" by a local Catholic high school. The show is Palm Sunday weekend....appropriate!

Another group of seven of us is caught up in March Madness as another Erie Catholic school's girls basketball team has won its first two games in the state playoffs. Game number 3 is this Friday. They'll travel to Sharon, PA to cheer their team on. The teams that win four games meet for the state championship at Penn State University.

And, a third kinda' spring activity: we've "dug out" the composting equipment and plan on starting it up within the month. The main contribution will be vegetable matter from our kitchen. Luckily, the grandmother of one of our kitchen's food prep gals is the #1 composting expert in the county--talk about a built-in resource!

Here is a perennial spring tradition for this site: the first picture of spring flowers. I caught it yesterday, March 17th, right on E. 10th Street under one of the St. Benedict Education Center signs--aren't they something?!

Not to jinx us, but here's the reason for our growing euphoria: the first number is the average snow each month, the second one is this season's:

November 10" vs 0"
December 20" vs 29"
January 30" vs 31"
February 20" vs 30"
March 10" vs 0" (so far)

And, finally, from our Art Show, here's Sister Susan Freitag's tribute to "hope of things to come" with this array of daisies.