Thursday, March 11, 2010

We love lighthouses

On the left, a triptych of clouds and a rainbow seen down at our Glinodo property by Laura Beichner, OSB, and two wood-turned pieces, a bowl and a lighthouse, by Audrey Steff, OSB.

On the right, a trio of photos from children at our Neighborhood Art House.

We love lighthouses and have three in Erie. The best is the Presque Isle Lighthouse right on the peninsula, occupied and functioning and a favorite of local artists and photographers.

The second is also on the peninsula. The North Pier Lighthouse is also functional, as it leads boats into the channel in order to enter the bay.

The third one, the Land Lighthouse, is restored except for its light. It is at the foot of Lighthouse Street, of course, and is tucked in a now residential neighborhood, hard to find unless you know where to turn. Hint: It's about 6 miles west of us off East 6th Street.