Monday, March 8, 2010

Women, Wesleyan and Weather

Our place was rockin' this weekend. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration--let's try: our place was really busy this weekend! That's more like it.

The "Women in Transition" retreat days have returned. The Mount retreat facilities are available again and the director is 99% recovered from a knee replacement last November. Forty-seven came for the day Saturday. Their focus was the book The Fine Art of Living by our Sr. Joan. When we were talking about how glad we were to have them back, one of our more witty members remarked, "Yes, it's been a long time for them to be in transition!"

Saturday afternoon the six collegians from Ohio Wesleyan arrived for a week of ministry, prayer and community living with us. One of their moderators is an oblate of our community and this is her 6th year bringing a group of students. Welcome Jen, Michelle, Kathryn, Laura, Grace and Taurey.

And, our winter weather has officially broken...hit the 40s this weekend and the same is predicted for the next 4-5 days. I think we're over the hill and on our way down from the snow-covered mountain top--at last.

More entries from our March Art Show: A shedding birch tree by Katherine Horan, OSB, and, by Lucia Surmik, OSB, a shot taken at the peninsula, I'd guess, with the city across the bay in the background.