Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Week endings

The first week of Easter ended with a flurry of activity--all of it very nice. First, the eight collegians from Canisius College left Saturday morning, having charmed all of us with their energy, delight and willingness to enter into everything we offered this week. Second, the weekend brought 35 retreatants for a spring Seasons of the Spirit retreat--again, lots of energy and beautiful weather for their reflections. Third, with the help of the college students, we were able to make the switch over to our new office book covers: one for Morning Praise and one for Evening.

They each have three of those ribbons that all the old missals used to come with. I think the one I had as a child had 5 ribbons! What fun arranging and rearranging them to the places I wanted--and trying to keep them flat and not get wrinkled.

I've been trying to capture some of the Easter "atmosphere" here, especially for those of you who aren't within visiting distance. Here are a couple attempts.