Monday, May 17, 2010

Free Weekend

We're coming off a "free" weekend, a rather rare commodity this spring. What do we do on "free" weekends you ask. Here's a potpourri of some of the weekend choices. One sister left Friday to travel 300-350 miles to have a long weekend visit with her 3 sisters and brother; another traveled south to spend time with her widowed sister; another went to visit family she hadn't seen since last summer. Quite a few more, I'm sure, spent a day or two with family members right here in the Erie area.

One sister hosted a longtime priest-friend who traveled the 400 miles to Erie for the first time in a couple years. He came to all our prayer and his male voice was a welcome addition to our chanting.

Four began a week's vacation at a condo in Florida that a generous benefactor gave us years ago for two weeks a year. We save up for the airfare and groceries for the week and it's a welcome time in sun and warmth, especially after our (in)famous 90" of snow and cold winters!

Our R&R cottages down at Glinodo were filled all weekend and lots of DVD's were being shown each evening and even some afternoons. Yours truly? I got in 9 holes of golf--but with no practice times and not even once-a-week-rounds there were only "flashes of brilliance" with lots of mediocrity in between!

A walk down to the our lakeshore brought this view of Lake Erie, taken at the end of our pier, looking straight down into the water. Pretty clear I'd say!

My column "Light Through Stained-Glass Windows" in the new May-June issue of Faith magazine. Go to page 26.

Morning and Evening Prayer for Pentecost here.

Joan's commentary on the Rule of Benedict, May 17-31, here.

Blessings of the coming of the Spirit on you all--wish you could be with us this week and next Sunday, particularly. We started our week-long Pentecost celebration with a great Eucharist Sunday and will really "do it up" all week for this great feast!