Thursday, May 13, 2010

From The New York Times

It's always interesting to read about our life from someone who looks at it from the "outside." This one's very good.

From the April 17 edition of the NYTimes blogs this excerpt from Nicholas Kristof:

"My Sunday column is about the other Catholic Church, the one I have learned to admire for its work among the poorest people around the globe. It has tended to be the bishops and cardinals who have gotten the church in trouble, while it’s the amazing priests, nuns and lay-workers who do extraordinary work at home and around the world.

And as I note in the column, I’ve learned from meeting nuns in Africa, Asia and Latin America that the coolest and toughest people in the world are nuns. Their orphanages, hospitals and schools keep the world going...."

Here's the rest of his blog and here's his column that ran the next day, Sunday, April 18, in the Times "A Church Mary Can Love."

Three of our common, yet beautiful birds: cardinal, finch and, as my English friend says, "You have such fat robins in America, ours are so skinny!" All photographed down at our Glinodo Center last weekend by Bernadette Sullivan, OSB.