Monday, July 19, 2010

Charity Weekend

The big news in and around Erie this weekend was the Roar on the Shore--a gathering of 1,000s of owners and riders of motorcycles. I must agree with the cycle enthusiasts that Erie is a perfect venue for this. We have long stretches of country roads and Presque Isle State Park for their rides/parades and a large open downtown gathering area for both the bikes, vendors and the music performances that are part of the weekend hoopla. It is also easily accessible for locals.

Their Saturday bike road trip took them out of Erie and through the beautiful grape vineyards of the surrounding area, right past our monastery. Hundreds of gleaming Harleys making their not-so-quiet way along the lake shore! Quite a sight.

And, speaking of sights, here's our Sr. Mary Miller who was invited by her "biker friend," Dave, to ride with him in the first parade of bikes this weekend. She reported that it was magnificent!

A second event also had participation from our community--sisters, oblates and friends: the 17th Annual Relay for Life by the American Cancer Society. We have had a team since the first one in 1994. This year they asked every team to make a banner around the theme. Here's a group of our team members with ours. Sr. Marcia, far right, made the banner.

Congratulations captain Sr. Dianne and her 2010 team who were second over-all in fundraising, one of only two teams raising over $10,000 in donations.