Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monastic Lexicon #16

Pacem and Gaia

Though there are more than just two dogs that live in our community houses, Pacem and Gaia are at the Mount the most. Pacem recently moved out after spending his first 12 years here with our former prioress, Sr. Christine. Pacem is a loving, cuddly black cocker spaniel who, unfortunately, is now completely deaf, but that hasn't stopped him from doing everything he wants. Since Sr. Christine has commitments that take her on the road we continue to see Pacem frequently as a number of sisters bring him to the Mount to dog-sit.

Gaia was a frisky, barking pup in her younger years but has turned into a big, fluffy softie now that she's older. She lives with one of our sisters here at the Mount since a change in ministry necessitated a change in Gaia residence, too.

First-time visitors are always a little surprised when one of our four-footed residents greets them in a hallway. Both, however, are good with all kinds of "strangers" as they were well-trained in Benedictine hospitality since they were young!