Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sit when the music stops

Writing a blog entry twice a week seemed so doable when I started. But now I admit it isn't always easy. Many Sundays and Wednesdays roll around and I wonder to myself, What am I going to write for tomorrow? Nothing too interesting seems to be going on.

After all this isn't meant to be a newsletter. I can't canvas all 104 of the sisters asking for an interesting tidbit from their week. So I always end up asking myself the same question: If I was a guest here today what would I notice? What would I see? What's going on here--these few days in particular? What are we talking about? What are we doing?

It always somewhat surprises me that I come up with an answer--and that's what I often write about. So here's the question tonight: What's going on here at the Mount today? And the answer is: We're playing Musical Chairs.

We have sisters leaving ministries, others coming into them. New sisters are taking over as directors, others are shifting to something else. Some are leaving a long time job and looking for a new one. Some are venturing into brand new fields, others are just continuing in the same one with minor changes. It's one gigantic transition--and everyone's trying their hardest to be calm, understanding and, most of all, patient!

A number of years ago when I was going through a lot of changes personally, a friend gave me the book Transitions by William Bridges. I remember its being just great. I think I'll try to find it again---and maybe order 50 copies!