Monday, July 26, 2010

We Love Our Employees

Yes, we do love our employees who work in our kitchen, infirmary, maintenance and housekeeping departments. And to show them our appreciation for their generous service all year we hold a summer Employee Appreciation Picnic--complete with picnic food, lawn games and fun in our pool---all at our beautiful right-on-the-lake Glinodo Center setting.

Here's a little sampling of the warm, sunny and beautiful afternoon, which followed a horrendous "passing" summer rainstorm that began at about 6:00 am and lasted until about 11:00. It left as quickly as it came and the afternoon was nothing but blue skies and sun. Summer in Erie!

The Free Gift Auction is always a hit. This year's big prize was a large, brand new grill.

And the winner: Sandy from housekeeping!