Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Own Spa

I think our Wellness Director/recreational therapist outdid even herself this week--what a presentation!

This week Sr. Helen transformed our downstairs all-purpose room into a kind of pseudo spa--complete with areas for chair massage, bed top yoga, a massage table and an herbal tea corner. Throughout the whole room came the sounds of beautiful instrumental music and the soft aroma of heated oils and spices.

As the announcement forms said, "Think prevention, mobility and flexibility" and that's just what she and her assistants aimed for and provided. Many of our sisters signed up and some just showed up (including yours truly, with a tension-filled lower back ache). Fifteen minutes in "the spa" and I was a new person--only trouble is I wanted to lie down and take an equally relaxing mid-afternoon, mid-summer nap. Alas, I dutifully returned to my office.

What a treat, what creativity and, as I overheard one of our octogenarians saying as she left, "We are so blessed with talented sisters." Amen. We are.