Thursday, September 23, 2010

Irish Weekend

Lots of tourist places and cities with large Irish-American populations have a type of "Irish Weekend" in late September--6 months from St. Patrick's Day.

Here at the Mount, home of a lot more German and Polish ancestry but with a smattering of Irish, we're having our own Irish Weekend with our autumn Seasons of the Spirit retreat that has a Celtic Spirituality theme this fall. To that end, the director, Sr. Carolyn, has engaged our local Rince Na Tiarna Irish dance troupe, a couple dozen 8-18 year old girls, to perform Saturday night for both the retreatants and community. I've seen them many times on television or video, but never live. It ought to be great...can't wait! (The link takes you to coverage by one of our local TV stations. Google the name to get more information.)

The "Christmas" cacti in the library are blooming wildly this week.