Monday, September 20, 2010

The Weekend

A few interesting things "around our place" this weekend. First, the monarchs. Monarch butterflies are migrating back to Mexico these days and we've seen them fluttering all over the grounds for about a week. One of our guests even saw one of those large gatherings of them hanging on a bush down at our Glinodo Center this weekend. A unique sight.

Secondly, our crab apple trees--we have at least 5 near the monastery building--are loaded and our deer are feasting these days with the apple orchard, our grape arbor, the crab apples, and with the acorns under the large oaks. Living off the land easily!

Which brings us to #3. We sat at dinner with a first-time visiting couple from the Cleveland area. They were very interesting telling us of their 48-acre property in the city of Cleveland and their interest in growing their own food. After Cleveland passed an ordinance that city residents could have up to 6 chickens, they bought some and find them easy to raise. They get 24 eggs a week from their six. They also grow or pick loads of veggies and fruits--canning like mad for the months to come. They compost and indulge in a variety of such pursuits. Their 17-year-old daughter tells her friends that she lives with hippies! She eats all the food they produce but doesn't do much to help they said. The table, which was full of jr. high and high school teachers, just howled.

And finally, especially for those of you who know our place: We walked to the lake Sunday night and were sitting on the pier, about half way out, on the steps there. Suddenly a blue heron (we have lots at Presque Isle State Park) flew up and landed right at the end of the pier. We became like statues and spent 20 minutes watching it--just 25-30 feet from us. A very, very rare and wonderful experience.