Monday, October 18, 2010

Faith in Chile

There were two things in particular that struck me about the rescue of those miners in Chile this week. The first was the spirituality piece that undergirded a lot of the story, even to the point where we all witnessed some of the miners kneeling right down when they were rescued to offer a prayer of thanksgiving. The second was the worldwide example of this relatively small and insignificant country (one that is never listed in the G8 or G12 or G anything conference) of its dedication to its people, its ingenuity and determination over the last 2 months, the turning of all its resources to rescue a couple dozen of its people.

Isn't it nice....much more than "nice"....that along with all the problems of our present world, not the least of which is the corruption of leaders everywhere who become among their own people's worst enemies, that a story like this can show us the best parts of being human beings: love, family, sacrifice.

If you haven't read it yet, an end-of-summer reflection by our prioress is here.