Monday, October 11, 2010

Guest Lists

We are "packed with guests." Some are here for retreat experiences, others for recent lectures; some are family, others are just getting in some away-time during the beautiful month of October, before the bad weather or holidays set in. I, for one, love having these guests and a full, full chapel on Sunday mornings, too.

Here's our internal communication about guests. It's put out every week or so by our sister in charge of hospitality, so that we are all aware of who we might be running into in chapel, the dining room or around the grounds. It's very helpful and this is the actual list from October 1...except in reality the columns are straight and even...just couldn't figure out how to do that here! (The names have been changed to protect the innocent)!


Annie Bradshaw    1    Sept. 29-Oct 4
Cherie Davidson   2    Sept. 29-Oct 10
Edie Falco, obl     3    Oct. 1-2
Gerrie Harrison     4    Oct. 1-2
Isabella Jackson    7    Oct. 1-3
Kerri Lawler,obl   9    Oct. 1-2
Melinda Nicolia    10  Oct. 1-2
Ophelia Post        12   Oct. 2-3
Sr. Aquina,SND   1   Oct. 8-9
Sr. Betty, SND     2   Oct. 8-9
Sr. Carla, SND     3   Oct. 8-9
Sr. Dolly, SND     4   Oct. 8-9
Sr. Edith, SND     5   Oct. 8-9
Sr. Fran, SND      6   Oct. 8-9
Q. M. Rodrigues   7   Oct. 7-9
Sheila Tarquino     8   Oct. 9-10
Una Victorino       9   Oct. 8-10
Wilma Xavier       10  Oct. 7-10
Yolanda Zoey      11  Oct. 8-10
Anna B.obl          12  Oct. 8-10
Carl Davis, obl &
   Ellen Davis        14  Oct. 9-10
Frank George      15  Oct. 9-11
Hank & Ida Jenk 16  Oct. 8-13


HILDEGARD   Kevin Lleander  Oct. 3-7
                      Marie Nelson    Oct. 8-10
WALBURGA Sr. Ophelia Pew  Oct. 3-10
SCHOLASTICA Rita Scalzetti  Oct. 4-6
                      Terri&Ugo Vanco Oct. 8-14