Monday, October 25, 2010

A Monastery Almanac

I worked for Benetvision Publications for 12+ years. During that time I got used to very high quality publications, be they booklets, prayer cards, a couple large books, and about 150 issues of The Monastic Way. Everything produced was just first class. After awhile I admit I just took them for granted, but this past week their latest product has amazed me.

Just arriving from the printer is A Monastery Almanac, a 75-page, full-color book that is just magnificent. Why did it strike me so strongly? Because (1) it includes over three dozen color photos throughout, adding strong visuals to the wonderful text; (2) it is written by Joan Chittister and is similar to her Wisdom Distilled From the Daily, where she uses the everyday incidences and events of life as inspiration for her reflections; and (3)many of the daily entries are drawn from monastic life, generally and ours in particular.

We're putting one in every guest room and hermitage and will certainly have a supply for sale in our gift shop--a lovely remembrance for all our visitors. Benetvision's website is here.