Thursday, October 21, 2010

Traveling through Pennsylvania

Many years I don't get the opportunity to travel through the unique and colorful world of our state during the month of October. This month I've done it twice in the last week and will a third time this weekend.

This time I'm near Pittsburgh at a regional meeting where our immediate past prioress, Sr. Christine, delivered fine presentations on religious life and the prophetic challenges therein---especially for our time and our culture. Here are two thought-provoking ideas: "Who we are and how we live this life is our witness." And, from Sandra Schneiders, IHM, "Religious profession is a promise to live by the coordinates of God's reign not the world's."

On an Erie note, two events are on our website this week: the new residence of our sisters at Sophia House and the annual dinner with our neighbors at Benetwood Apartments. Nice photos of the large groups who attended each.