Thursday, November 11, 2010

Autumn Days Continue

As another beautiful autumn week comes to a close, I can report that our stained-glass window restorers remain hard at work--a side benefit of the good weather. Here's what it looks like when they work on the inside of the small chapel:

This weekend we're hosting the fall edition of the Seasons of the Spirit retreats. The retreatants should have a glorious time, as our grounds are so nice to walk through....real leaf-covered walkways and lots of naturally drying bushes and flowers of all sorts.

I was walking by our gift shop yesterday afternoon and poked my head in to see their latest wares--here's a beautiful arrangement of wood-turned candle holders et al--very striking "in person."

And, not immune to the early season customer demands, a selection of Brush Dance Christmas cards. Don't know Brush Dance? Click here. Also, click on any photo to enlarge it.