Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just Having Fun

Tonight while I was sitting having dinner in our dining room I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a chair passing by! What was this, I thought? I guessed what it might be and sure enough it was what I thought: one of our new electric chair "drivers" had (very quietly) hooked a dining room chair in her passing and, since we have carpet in our dining room, didn't even hear her own newly-attached sidecar traveling behind her.

This sent me into gales of laughter inside as I remembered a much louder and more dramatic sidecar adventure a dozen or so years ago when the (in)famous electric chair driver, Sr. Anne Marie, hooked her chair (which she drove like a maniac) onto a little old-fashioned desk that was in our front hall---dragging it, not quietly, about 20 feet across the tile flooring, until we could get her attention to stop.

It's no wonder many of our visitors are so attracted to our senior sisters. First, they are most willing to sit and listen and talk with our guests, especially at breakfast and lunch--while the rest of us rush here and there from point A to point B in our "busy" jobs. Second, they're interesting--they talk about life here, spanning 50+ years most often, giving a kind of first-person history of our community--always punctuated with personal opinions and madcap adventures of the pre-Vatican II days and "survival" in religious life.

So, next time you come, don't sit with me--pick one of these great seniors, they're much more interesting----and fun!

Here's a link to our ceremony last Saturday for new and renewing oblates. And here's one from our prioress Anne--November reflections.