Monday, November 29, 2010

Two Arrivals

This weekend we welcomed two "visitors" the Vigil and First Sunday of Advent and, yes, the first snowfall of the year here in Erie. This photo was taken right from my bedroom window at 7:00 am Saturday morning! The second photo is of one of our four Advent "wreath" candles that frame the front section of our chapel. And if these two events weren't enough for one day, Saturday was also the day of our four birthdays: four of our sisters all share November 27. Lots of desserts will be coming this week!

This year I thought I'd list the reading we're using at our Advent Morning Praise for any of you who would like to read them along with us:

Monday, Isaiah 40: 1-8
Tuesday,(St. Andrew) Phil 1: 13-20
Wednesday, Isaiah 40: 9-17