Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas MOUNT

Advent is moving along as we enter Week 2 of this favorite of all liturgical seasons. The Christmas issue of The Mount magazine was published this weekend. It is just beautiful and is online here.

Sunday afternoon we hosted the Penn State Behrend choir as one venue for their Christmas concert. It was magnificent. Whenever I visited European monasteries I always noticed pamphlets and posters announcing musical events that were held in the monastery church. I'm sure their acoustics and historical settings are the best in the area. It's just great that we can host such events, too. May there be many more!

Sorry, Californians, it's not sand...wish it was! Last flowers of summer still holding on got caught this weekend in "the white stuff."

Monday (Nicholas) Isaiah 41: 8-20
Tuesday Isaiah 41: 21-29
Wednesday (Immaculate Conception)
Gen. 3: 9-15, 20