Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doings at home and abroad

A number of our sisters are out of the country this first week of December: Sr. Joan Chittister in Mexico for the Global Peace Initiative of Women who are holding gatherings in concert with the climate control international meeting there; Sr. Anne McCarthy in Haiti with a delegation headed by Bishop Tom Gumbleton that will work among the poor along with other peace efforts: Sr. Stephanie Schmidt in Bavaria, Germany attending the AIM International Council meeting at St. Ottilien Archabbey; and Sr. Christine Vladimiroff and Sr. Mary Jane Vergotz in Polokwane, South Africa, continuing our 150th anniversary commitment to the Benedictine Sisters there.

This week our community's website has a nice photo gallery of last Saturday's chapel preparations for Advent. And here is the prioress's Advent reflection, too.

Our teaching roots are never far away, and to that end we're going to see the (first part) of the last Harry Potter movie this weekend. Read the books, seen the movies. Great fun...especially if you've ever taught teenagers!

Thursday, (North American Martyrs) Isaiah 40: 18-26
Friday, (Francis Xavier) Isaiah 40: 27-31
Saturday, Isaiah 41: 1-7
Sunday, Isaiah 11: 1-10