Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Weather Channel

Awhile ago I read that the top three cable TV channels are ESPN, CNN Headline News and The Weather Channel. That makes perfect sense: sports, news and weather are topics most of us have a basic interest in and some of us are fanatic followers.

This week Mike Seidel from The Weather Channel was here in Erie! The city got only a few inches, but the little towns around us got socked with lake effect snow. And everywhere there were tremendous drifts because of strong winds. Here are some of ours:

Peeking out our patio door at a 4' high drift.
It looked like something from a desert scene in National Geographic.

The east side of the patio and the end of a drift that formed and hung there from 2-3 days of strong winds.
Photos by Charlotte Ann Zalot, OSB

Thursday Isaiah 42: 1-9
Friday Isaiah 42: 10-17
Saturday Isaiah 42: 18-25
Sunday Isaiah 35: 1-6a, 10