Thursday, January 27, 2011

OMS #1

Though we have been spared all those "heading up the East Coast" storms you've been seeing on the nightly news all winter, we've had our own share of snow (46"+) and cold (last weekend it went below zero...brrrrr!)and we're all into the hunkering down and finding things to do around the house days that come in the depths of winter.

To that end I've decided to start a new little weekly or occasional series. Here's #1: Pax Intrantibus, "Peace to those who enter here." It was placed above many of the doors and entranceways in early monastic houses throughout Europe. Even today it is common to have phrases or symbols built into the front doorways of our abbeys and monasteries. You have to have a sharp eye to see some of them for often they are a ways above eye level...but usually there is something there. If not, you'll probably find the equivalent inside somewhere close to the front door. There are variations and longer phrases but the most popular is surely just the word Pax. All this gives Benedictines a 1,500 year old claim on works for and about peace--both in our world, our country, our city, families and in our own hearts.

Here are some flowering plants I found just roaming around the house--not exactly spring-like, but close--especially in mid-January. Enjoy!