Monday, January 10, 2011

Ordinary Monday

Last Monday's "Words of 2010." Or as my high school students use to call these, a Multiple Guess quiz!

Cyberchondriac: a)a Dr. Who monster b)someone who diagnoses their own imagined ailments on the internet c)a faulty robot.

Shamnesia: a)pretending to have forgotten something, usually to avoid embarrassment b)a group of islands in the south Pacific c)a skin disease.

An internot: a)someone who made a success of computer dating b)someone who refuses to do unpaid work experience c)someone who chooses not to use the internet.

A thinterval: a)the break during a play or musical performance in Yorkshire b)the gap between stopping one diet and starting another c)a narrow valley.

Dietribe: a)a lecture on healthy eating from a zealot b)a bitter and violent tirade c)an endangered group of indigenous people.

Manscara: a) a vicious South American crab b)a cosmetic designed to enhance a man's eyelashes c)a tropical disease.

Nostralgia: a)the science of pain relief b)a flowering scrub c)nostalgia brought on by a familiar smell.

Godcasting: a)podcasting with a religious theme b)street preaching c)creating religious statuary in molten metal.

Swipeout: a)a nasty comment by a TV talent show judge b)the embarrassing experienced when your credit card is rejected c)a surfing accident.

Courtesy of The Tablet magazine.

Our Sr. Marie Celine passed into everlasting life this Saturday. Please remember her and all of us in your prayers.

Goodbye Christmas season. Blessed Ordinary Time begins today!