Monday, February 7, 2011

Houses in winter

Twenty years after the last standing building of the original motherhouse downtown was renovated, we have new windows on the uppermost floor. The first ones never quite did the trick with the old moldings: they often let in drafts, occasionally fell in themselves and, over the last few years, were nearly impossible to re-lock once opened. But, ta-da, this week brought new, better fitting windows. Here's one of the guys inserting one (albeit 20 degrees outside and, for awhile, inside, too!).

And here's my four-stories-up view: north over the housetops to the bay, the peninsula and, on a clear day, the lake beyond.

A trip to our Presque Isle State Park this weekend brought this winter view of our famous houseboats. For comparison purposes go to the blog entry for Oct. 27, 2008 to see them in summer. Put the word "houseboat" in the search box in the upper left hand corner, hit enter and that entry should come up. You can also see this photo in the 2011 Benetvision calendar--July or August I believe. Both seasons have their beauty, but only one has human inhabitants!