Thursday, February 3, 2011

OMS #2

St. Augustine, sent by the Pope to evangelize what is now Britain, founded Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury, in the County of Kent, in 602 AD. In the 10th c. a Benedictine Abbey, Christ Church Priory, became part of Canterbury. It grew and expanded adding numerous monastic buildings until the Dissolution of Monasteries imposed by Henry VIII caused it to cease existence in 1539. Since then it has been the central church for the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, leader of the Church of England.

A few years ago our Joan Chittister was invited to speak there. Everyone in the audience knew, of course, that she was both Catholic and Benedictine. As she reached the podium for her presentation she paused, looked up and down, around and around the massive Cathedral. Then she turned to the audience and said, "I can see you've taken real good care of the place--thank you." She brought the house down!

Our Sr. Linda Romey was featured in an Erie Times News article this week on "upcycling." Linda is a marvelous fabric artist.