Monday, March 28, 2011

Grand Central Station

This weekend was one of our "Grand Central Station" ones.

Our Canisius students were here through noon Saturday. A delightful week with them. Click here for a Smile Box of their week which will be up sometime today.

Saturday morning we heard music coming from the chapel and discovered that a guest, who was here with his wife for a little away time, brought both his flute and hammered dulcimer. He spent about 2 hours practicing that morning and then serenaded us during lunch. What beautiful sounds from both instruments.

In the afternoon the young leadership team of a parish youth group came for an afternoon of planning. The adult leaders are oblates of ours and brought them here for meeting time. The Mount is really a perfect place for groups--from 3 or 4 to 40. We have small and large group gathering spaces, the chapel, and accommodations for meals and overnight stays.

Two more weekend experiences: This may look like our water symbol, but on Sunday morning it served as the well where Jesus met the Samaritan woman as two of our sisters memorized and played out this special Gospel. Wonderful rendition!

Our deer sightings are becoming more and more regular, even though their coats are still dark and there are no fawns with them yet. Here's a shot of some of the six that were on our east lawn Friday. Click to enlarge.

Photo by Charlotte Zalot, OSB