Thursday, March 3, 2011

OMS #6

When we renovated our chapel 4-5 years ago, we included a choir stall set up of chairs for the daily community prayer. They are contemporary ones, not the huge, usually wooden furniture pieces that you can see in the choir stalls throughout the old abbeys and churches in Europe--and I myself have seen in a few Benedictine places in the US.

Choir stalls came into use starting in the 11th century. They were usually made of wood with whole or partially enclosed backs and sides. Rugs were sometimes placed on the floor and cushions could be added to the seats, which often lifted up and revealed a compartment. Over time artists began to add intricate ornamentation, often in the form of animal heads and religious symbols, even scenes from the life of Christ. There are still choir stall masterpieces in monasteries and cathedrals especially in Germany and France.

Here's a collage of images of choir stalls. Amazing!

Conclusion of our chipmunk saga:
Monday 6 am- No chipmunk in the traps;
Monday noon-Sighting in chapel again;
Monday evening-Sister Audrey on switchboard in main foyer visited by chipmunk. When she tries to herd it outside, it runs back into chapel, UNDER the closed door;
Tuesday noon-Seen in north hall TV room; all doors shut and towels placed underneath. An hour later seen sitting in the Lazy-Boy chair there. Soon after--caught.
It was a nice visit and late-winter diversion!