Monday, April 4, 2011

April at last


I wanted to speak at length about
the happiness of my body and the
delight of my mind for it was
April, night, a
full moon and---

but something in myself or maybe
from somewhere other said: not too
many words, please, in the
muddy shallows the
frogs are singing.

Mary Oliver

Well, the frogs may not be singing yet in Erie, but the "daffies" as one of our sisters calls them, are just days away from popping out; the birds are coming to our feeders in greater numbers and we are almost, almost, getting used to having spring sun nearly every day and temperatures that start with a 4 or even a 5! Nature doesn't seem to mind a bit the 0.4" of "white rain" we had April 1st--although we humans just shake our heads and sigh.

Here are some April 2nd looks at our creek and lakefront--beautiful even this time of year: not winter anymore, yet not fully into springtime. Caught in the "in between" for a couple weeks.

If you haven't read it already, there was a lovely review of our March Art Show in the Erie Times Showcase magazine last Thursday. Click here.