Monday, April 11, 2011

Everyday and not so everyday life

This weekend was the funeral of a marvelous woman who I met via the Neighborhood Art House. Also, this week I read of the death of a woman who spent some time as a housekeeper at the Mount. Though these two women were polar opposites as far as their lives read, they were both a part of our life.

These two experiences lead me to reflect on the non-community members that come our way, usually through either our ministries, directly at the monastery or through retreats or other spiritual moments.

They really are significant to our journeys. I'm guessing that we may not tell them often enough how special a part of our daily life they are.

And in my mundane, daily life I pass this old, rather beat up birdhouse every morning and every afternoon as I walk to and from the car. It's attached right to the Mount itself. Most of the time I see one of the birds standing on the perch, sitting on the nearby ledge or peeking out of the nest. The best times are catching them with nesting material in their beaks, on their way into their home.

After many failed attempts, finally I was able, by hiding behind one of the entranceway pillars, to get a couple good shots. Now, of course, I'm getting attached and look for them every time I come or go. I'm even trying to mimic their whistle. Do you think they'll light on my finger? Not without food, I'm sure!

We are indeed blessed by excellent reflections every Saturday night in Lent at our Vigil for Sunday prayer services. This past Saturday even exceeded the average. Sr. Mary Miller, director of our Emmaus Ministries, gave a truly marvelous reflection on death--creative, personal, deeply human and yet divine. It should be up on our community website today or very soon. Don't miss it.