Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thought for the Day

The Today Program, the British equivalent of NPR's Morning Edition, has a daily 3-minute slot called a "Thought For the Day," a religious "thought" which briefly interrupts the daily news items.

The "thought" for March 30th was a reflection on the RB for today's world. (Put 30/03/2011 in the Search box.) "One benefit of having a State religion," says my friend in southeast England!

And, oh, that accent!

If you haven't been to our community's website in the last day or so, now is the time! Two great new posts are there: 1) our new Monasteries of the Heart program officially got off the ground April 6; and 2) a short, lovely smilebox for one of our sisters honored this week by the local Sisters of Mercy and their Mercy Center for Women.

Yesterday afternoon around 4:00. "Quick, beam us up Scotty. And put us down anywhere...anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line!"